Good traffic development in Q2 despite postponed battery conversion

Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör transported more cars and passengers in Q2 2017 than in the comparison period, and the development was positively affected by Easter, which fell in Q1 last year. The number of transported trucks was unchanged and the time table and reliability were only marginally impacted by the postponement of the commissioning of Tycho Brahe as a 100% battery-operated ferry in June.

”Traffic between Helsingborg and Helsingör grew in Q2, which was affected by the busy Easter period this year. We transported more cars and passengers, and we simultaneously improved the service level as we opened a new roofed gangway between the terminal and the Mercandia ferries’ berth in Helsingör and further developed our new app, which has already been downloaded by 32,000 customers. Following a period of significant growth in freight traffic, we maintained the high level by ensuring competitive prices and high regularity,” said Jens Ole Hansen, COO of HH Ferries AB.

“We succeeded in maintaining a high service level and good regularity in Q2 even though we had to postpone the commissioning in June of Tycho Brahe as the world’s largest 100% battery-operated ferry due to technical challenges with the charging stations on shore. Our supplier has found a solution and is working to complete the final amendments, and we expect the commissioning to take place during late summer to the benefit of our customers and the regional environment,” said Jens Ole Hansen.

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