Continued progress in freight traffic and the battery conversion project

The positive development in the number of transferred trucks continued in Q1 2017. The number of transported cars and passengers declined, primarily due to the timing of Easter in Q2 this year against Q1 last year. The seasonal impact during Easter is significant and complicates the assessment of the effect of the changed traffic pattern in the region. Both Tycho Brahe and Aurora completed preparatory dockings ahead of their final conversion to battery operation without impacting service or regularity.

”Freight traffic between Helsingborg and Helsingör continues to develop positively, and our floating bridge’s reliability and competitive prices are considered important for the professional traffic and the region as such. Even during the two ferries’ docking, we maintained high regularity and conducted the ID controls efficiently and flexibly without causing delay. Customers can expect stable operations on 140 daily departures, and they are increasingly pleased with that. On behalf of our own company and our customers, we are very pleased with the Swedish government’s decision to lift the mandatory ID control in Denmark to ensure that our customers only face one control; the border control in Sweden. This is a very welcome decision for passengers and HH Ferries Group,” said Henrik Rørbæk, CEO of HH Ferries AB.

“We see unchanged positive attention concerning the execution of our environmental strategy. The conversion to battery operations progresses to plan, and Tycho Brahe is now going through its final test procedures before the ferry enters battery operation on 20 June. Aurora follows the same procedure after the summer peak season, and we are looking forward to completing this important project to leverage the investment – to the benefit of our customers and the regional environment,” said Henrik Rørbæk.

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