Continued growth in cargo traffic in Q4 2017

Growth in cargo traffic on Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör continued in Q4 2017, and the increasing cargo
traffic entailed higher capacity utilisation on the route’s ferries despite a minor decline in the number of
cars. Capacity was increased by expanding the timetable of the Hamlet ferry by 5 hours per day as per 1

”Our freight customers appreciate the precision and reliability we offer, and they have welcomed the
increased flexibility brought about by our capacity expansion and more daily departures. The continued
progress in cargo traffic on our floating bridge spells good news for regional trade, and alleviated the
slightly lower car and bus traffic we saw during autumn,” said Johan Röstin, CEO of HH Ferries AB.

HH Ferries Group has launched several initiatives with a view to strengthening and improving the offering
to its customer groups. In addition to increasing capacity on the route, the organisation was strengthened
with the hiring of a CCO, and most recently an entirely new and ambitious eating and meeting place –
LAT56° Bistrobar – opened at the ferry Hamlet.

”We have to live up to our customers’ expectations for good service experiences and reliability at all times,
and when we are also able to add something new – which LAT56° Bistrobar will certainly be – we are
expanding our strong offering and strengthening our spot in the public awareness on both sides of
Öresund. We are an integrated part of the region’s life when it comes to our role as a reliable traffic
connection as well as when family and friends want to meet and share great experiences, said Johan Röstin.

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