19 December 2017

HH Ferries Group appoints Chief Commercial Officer

HH Ferries Group has appointed Susanne Kaarnimo-Knight Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) with overall responsibility for the group’s commercial activities on the Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör route.

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17 October 2017

Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör expands capacity

On 1 December, Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör expands capacity when Hamlet’s sailing schedule is expanded by five hours daily. The expansion is driven by increasing demand from the route’s freight customers and implemented following a long period of significant growth in freight traffic. The route’s competitive prices and high regularity form the foundation for Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör transporting […]

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5 July 2017

Foot passenger tickets may be bought through the Scandlines HH app

Following a very positive reception of the Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör app, which was launched in
early 2017, its functionality has been expanded to allow foot passengers to buy tickets for the route
through the app.

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30 June 2017

HH Ferries Group opens new gangway

Today, HH Ferries Group puts the new gangway in Helsingör into use.

The completion of the new gangway allows all pedestrians to experience the same high level of comfort with roofed and direct access from and to the terminal – regardless of their choice of ferry.

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19 June 2017

The inauguration of Tycho Brahe as battery-driven ferry on Helsingborg-Helsingör is cancelled

Due to technical problems, the commissioning of Tycho Brahe as the world’s largest battery-driven ferry on the Helsingborg-Helsingör route has been delayed.

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14 June 2017

HH Ferries Group wins the prestigious Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award 2017

HH Ferries Group has received the prestigious Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award 2017 at the 8th annual forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) in Berlin on 14 June 2017. The award recognises the electrification of Tycho Brahe and Aurora, which will become the largest fully electric ferries to date, as well as the installation of the first automated shore-side charging arms in the ports of Helsingborg and Helsingör.

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19 May 2017

HH Ferries Group appoints new CEO

HH Ferries Group’s Board of Directors has appointed Johan Röstin as new CEO of HH Ferries Group. He will join the group after the summer 2017. Johan Röstin succeeds Henrik Rørbæk who announced his resignation in February this year.

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17 May 2017

The Danish Energy Association highlights conversion project

The non-commercial lobby organisation Danish Energy Association highlights HH Ferries Group’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint in a video and article about the conversion project (Danish).

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9 May 2017

Sysla Grønn labels Tycho Brahe and Aurora the world’s largest battery ferries

On 4 May, Norwegian media Sysla Grønn reported that the conversion of Tycho Brahe and Aurora creates the largest battery ferries in the world with passenger capacity of 1,100 and 1,250, respectively. (Norwegian)

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26 April 2017

HH Ferries Group has docked Tycho Brahe for completion of battery conversion

Tycho Brahe has docked at the shipyard in Landskrona for completion of the remaining conversion and installation works to ensure that the ferry can be recommissioned as a fully battery-operated vessel on the Helsingborg-Helsingör route by the end of June.

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